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Gas 19:08
China Doll 29:27
The Traveler 24:19


Symbiosis Syndicate
by Steve Giordano

In an ever changing multicultural world, music is everywhere - fulfilling the needs of people all over the world serving many purposes. More than ever, however, the opportunity to be exposed to the music of countless cultures is at our fingertips. For musicians, the influence of all this music can resonate in our brain and seep into our creativity and become an indirect part of our voice.

Other than MOVIE/TV/THEATER soundtracks which can be abstract and designed to enhance a pre-written storyline, music alone tells its own story or invites some sort of participation. Songs get copy written, and scored for reproduction.

The Music of Symbiosis

This music has to be in a different category than the above descriptions. It does not tell a specific story nor give a certain message. It can’t be scored or ever recreated other than playing a recording again. Its sole purpose is to take the listener on their own personal journey, not predicting where it will take them, or how and when it will end. This journey also includes the musicians who made the music. We don’t know ourselves who is playing what most of the time, or what will happen thematically, harmonically, or rhythmically. (unless we listen back immediately)

About the Musicians

As a jazz musician, all my musical life my focus and development has been on listening. Listening to myself as I improvise, listening to the musicians I am making music with, listening to recordings of many other musicians, not only playing jazz, but classical composers, Brazilian composers, impressionistic composers, avant garde composers, and since the internet, cultural music from all over the world. The players for Symbiosis Syndicate, a project in development for over 3 decades, are musicians who can play what they hear and who are great listeners. Even though this is not “jazz” (improvisation over a structured form) it is improvised, a musically interactive composition. Hence, ego-less jazz musicians have made the best combinations for the Symbiosis Syndicate project over the years. Nothing is planned. Nothing is forced. No one has a sense of responsibility to “come in”. We are on our spontaneous musical journey and we love this world.

The Instruments

Our instruments are our voice. Although our lifetime jazz instruments may be the most technically proficient, playing less “practiced” instruments can sometimes be an asset in that there aren’t the patternistic temptations that sometimes interfere with “pure” in the moment, musical choice. It’s a trade off, so using both options work. We love synthesizers. We love them because they contain unlimited sound design, and when combined with other synthesizers, sonic environments become endless. This is where musical influences and musical tastes enter.

The Process

Our ears are wide open, our sensitivity is affected by everything, we all have one common goal: musical composition. We meditate, someone starts a musical idea, another will chime in IF he feels so compelled. The piece is in development. For me, this is one of the greatest musical experiences I could ever have: A composition unfolding with no plan, no form, pure sensitivity. Many influences, emotions – humor, beauty, intrigue. (some imperfections that cause cursing) but not so much.

The Audience

What’s in it for the audience? We hope a lot. To find new ways to listen to music at certain times would be worthwhile. Here are some suggestions:
1) Driving in a car could work because the music doesn’t demand a lot of energy. It just blends in with the scenery.
2) Watching space graphics or playing space games for atmosphere
3) Headphones while lying in bed
4) Watching computer generated graphics (notice how the mind makes it fit)

The Musicians

Over the years, there have been a handful of contributors to the makeup of Symbiosis Syndicate. We have a vast library of Symbiosis compositions because of it’s longevity. Here is a list of names and their instruments:

Steve Giordano – guitar, piano, synthesizers
John Swana – trumpet, EVI (synthesizer controller), trombone
Bob Meashey – trumpet, flugle horn, synthesizers
Joe Mullen – drums, percussion
John Mosemann – drums, percussion, synthesizers
Gavin McCulley – drums, percussion
Peter Cobb – alto sax
Tony Micelli – vibraphone, synthesizers
Joe Nero – drums, percussion
Tony Perillo – cello
Chris Taylor – piano, synthesizers


released April 14, 2020

Steve Giordano: Piano, Electronics, John Moseman: Percussion, Electronics, Joe Mullen Percussion, Bob Meashey: Trumpet, Electronics John Swana: EVI, Electronics, Rachel Bliss ART


all rights reserved



John Swana Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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